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Little-photo-college.net allows beginners and advanced photographers to discover the fascinating world of analog and digital photography. The tips and example photos provided on this website can serve as a valuable source of inspiration. The website’s content consists of notes taken from planned or realised photography courses and workshops. Most of the example photos are from the field of travel photography. They don’t simply illustrate their respective photo lesson units, they also inspire to travel. I hope you enjoy this website and that you find the information about photography you were looking for and that you are inspired.

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Photo-Tips http://little-photo-college.net/21-creative-photography/creative-photography/110-foto-tipps.html http://little-photo-college.net/21-creative-photography/creative-photography/110-foto-tipps.html
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The following photo tips offer you further inspiration and useful information about several photo topics.

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Image Creation and Image Build-up http://little-photo-college.net/21-creative-photography/creative-photography/122-bildgestaltung2.html http://little-photo-college.net/21-creative-photography/creative-photography/122-bildgestaltung2.html
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Images with the same subject can have a different effect on observers depending on the aspect ratio and the positioning of image elements. In the following article are the most well-known rules for creating an image.

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Newsletter http://little-photo-college.net/13-current-news/current-news/171-newsletter.html http://little-photo-college.net/13-current-news/current-news/171-newsletter.html

New! Discover the fascinating world of photography with Litte-photo-college.net. Now you can register for little-photo-college.net’s newsletter. This free information service provides information about interesting topics in the world of photography and information about new courses on offer.

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The Right Equipment? http://little-photo-college.net/19-advanced/weiterfuehrendes/137-hinfuehrung-zur-kaufberatung.html http://little-photo-college.net/19-advanced/weiterfuehrendes/137-hinfuehrung-zur-kaufberatung.html

Looking for a suitable gift for a photography enthusiast?! Nothing could be easier! Or could it? The fact of the matter is that the industry provides us with a great deal of photography related products. Click on the entry „accessories“ where you will find essential photography equipment. The article can also be used as a small checklist when packing your photography equipment.

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What is going on here? Photography notes! http://little-photo-college.net/63-uncategorised/203-was-ist-hier-los-fotonotizen.html http://little-photo-college.net/63-uncategorised/203-was-ist-hier-los-fotonotizen.html

What is going on here? Photography notes!

Under this topic you will find short anecdotes, notes, remarks, information and the history on and about the origins of individual images. Here the technical aspect is not the main focus. It is more about photography without going into aesthetic or artistic statements. Due to most of the images being captured while traveling, a key element is also wanderlust and the urge to travel.

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Thoughts on Photography http://little-photo-college.net/63-uncategorised/227-gedanken-zur-fotografie.html http://little-photo-college.net/63-uncategorised/227-gedanken-zur-fotografie.html

Some images should be allowed to prosper. On the following pages, you will find thoughts on photography. What makes us want to capture images? What is the essence of photography? What is a good photo? And so forth. Photography offers a broad field for philosophic considerations.

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Literature Recommendation http://little-photo-college.net/63-uncategorised/222-literaturempfehlungen.html http://little-photo-college.net/63-uncategorised/222-literaturempfehlungen.html

The expectations placed on photographers have not decreased due to the growing possibilities that digital photography offers. An important source of information is the innumerable amount of specialist literature on photography. Little-photo-college.net offers literature recommendations on various aspects of photography.

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