Multi-zone metering

Many photographers are not aware of the way exposure metering works and therefore, in difficult subject situations, this often results in incorrectly exposed photos. This prompted camera manufacturers to further refine the metering modes.

In doing so, the areas of an image were divided into smaller sections in order to gather more information about the brightness distribution in the individual image sections. Additionally, these exposure metering modes were equipped with the brightness patterns of typically critical lighting conditions (e.g. person is back-lit). The camera’s electronics then compares the stored brightness pattern with the actual metered pattern. If they are in accordance, exposure system is automatically corrected. Usually this metering technique is connected to the active autofocus metering which allows the camera’s electronics to register further indications about subject and image structure.

As it is comparable to auto focus or the automatic focal area option, it is understandable that this form of scene recognition is somewhat limited and in the near future, cameras will still not be able to ascertain the photographer’s artistic intentions.

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