Facial Recognition

If a camera itself is responsible for setting the focus, it will face an almost unsolvable problem. It has to guess which areas of the image are important for the photographer and focus on these areas. However, when analysing photographs, certain basic patterns can be detected. A discovery was made that when faces are part of an image, the focus should usually be on them. The facial recognition technology that is now part of every SLR camera is a subject detection technique that allows the camera to draw conclusions about the subject at hand by registering certain image structures, contrast and colour distributions.

In many cases the general assumption that if there is a face on an image it should be in sharp focus works very well. But what happens when a face is intended to be the unfocused foreground in a picture for artistic purposes? This is where you reach the limits of this automatic function and you should familiarise yourself with the various focusing techniques your camera has to offer (even better: already be familiar with them).

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