The Horizon’s Position

Where the horizon is positioned can change an image’s effet considerably. The horizon’s position is therefore an important tool in image creation. Especially in landscape shots the horizon is often one of the key visual elements.

The positioning of the horizon based on the golden ratio or the rule of thirds was already mentioned in the previous article. Here the focus is on the various image effects depending on the position of the horizon. Irrespective of where the horizon is positioned in the image, ensure that the horizon is not sloped in the image but instead is straight. A spirit level can be used effectively to achieve this.

The following two examples images illustrate the different image effects with the same subject but with the horizon in a different position. Use these creative tools effectively.

Image 1 – Horizon positioned up high
Horizon positioned up high

Image 2 – Horizon positioned centrally
Image 2 – Horizon positioned centrally

Take note of the clouds in this example image. The clouds are an important counter-balance in this image.

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