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Photo Tip “Taking Photographs in the Winter 2”

Fototipp zum Fotografieren im Winter 2This photo tip on taking photographs in the winter offers you further inspiration and useful information about this topic. Here image subjects and image build-up are central.

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Photo Tip “Taking Photos in the Winter 1”

Matterhorn with piste sign – Canton Valais – Switzerland – 2010  It’s time to pull out hats, scarfs and coats again and to start thinking about where you put your sledge or your ski gear last spring. To coincide with the cold time of year, provides you with information, tips and inspiration on photography in the winter.

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Photo Tip “Freeze Motion”

Bewegungen einfrierenTo avoid motion blurring and to “freeze“ motion, relatively fast shutter speeds are required in photography. “Relatively fast” due to the subject’s motion speed playing a key role.

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Photo Tip “Interaction 1”

aegypten-alexandria_IMG_3340_27-01-07thImage preview used differently – interact! Use the camera’s display screen and show your photos! Don’t take this the wrong way, this does not mean you need to show your colleagues all of your holiday memories ...

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Photo Tip “Brainstorming and Clichés”

Kuba_00275-thYou are going on holiday and you want to surprise your friends and family that have stayed at home with a diverse selection of photos or you have been commissioned to capture high quality images of a holiday destination.

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Photo Tip “Dark Background in Backlit Images”


Contrasts have a striking effect; they can move the important elements to the forefront. A black background against a correctly exposed foreground offers maximum contrast.

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Photo Tip “Bad Weather?!“

Bad WeatherEvery type of weather has its own appeal, be it the morning fog that reduces contrast or the warm lighting on late summer’s day. The rain slicked streets become dark and in backlighting turn into glistening rivers of light.

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Photo Tip “Night Images – With the Moon”


A romantic Caribbean night, the moon shining brightly in the sky; illuminating the city at night. Artificial light and the pale light from the moon meet under the street lamps – life looks like a film set. You think to yourself “this needs to be captured”.

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Photo Tip “Taking Photographs at the Beach”

Griechenland_Schirme_thBeaches are probably the most popular image subjects for holiday photos. There is a wide range of possibilities. Sandcastles, surfers, loved-up couples, adventurous sport fanatics and much more can be seen time and time again in these types of images. There is more than one possibility to create that perfect holiday photo.

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Photo Tip “Capturing Images at the Beach“ (Image Example 1)

strand-sport0004The topic “Capturing images at the beach” is inexhaustible. Below are a few example images from the subject area of “sport and movement at the beach”. They can serve as an inspirational basis when it comes to finding image subjects. The images also provide an overview of various view scales.  

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Photo Tip “Image Sequences 1“

thKuba_01756One interesting aspect of photography is serial images, burst images or image sequences.

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Photo Tip “Flashes”

Gewitter, Blitze, Foto-Tipp

Photo tip – How to achieve impressive photos during a storm!

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Photo Tip “Frames”

Sahara - Beispiel für Rahmen

Photo Tip Frames - Creating an image with elements that surround the main subject.

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Photo Tip “Backlighting”

early hours of the morning in Prague

Photo Tip Backlighting - Backlit images provide a large amount of interesting and intriguing subjects and many ways to create different images.

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Photo Tip “Slow Speed Synchronisation”

Blitzsynchronisation bei Bewegungen

Photo tip – Use slow speed synchronization to capture dynamic movement

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