Photo Tip “Flashes”

Photo tip – How to achieve impressive photos during a storm!

Gewitter, Blitze, Foto-Tipp

The photo was captured during a hike in the Serra de Tramuntana in Mallorca. The storm caught me by surprise during the night while I was in my tent. I couldn’t fall asleep again immediately; therefore I got out my camera.


  • Light weight travel tripod
  • Remote shutter release
    • To prevent any shaking i.e. blurring
  • Spirit level
    • Enables horizontal positioning of the camera
  • Torch

    Provides light for easier camera use in the dark

Technical settings

  • Manual focus
    • Too dark for autofocus
  • Aperture Priority Auto Exposure (AV) with diaphragm 1:8
    • Use of depth of field to compensate for imprecisions due to focussing
  • Mirror lock up
    • To prevent shaking i.e. blurring
  • Exposure 30 seconds
    • Slower shutter speeds increase the chances of more than one flash of light being captured in an image
  • ISO rate 200

With long periods of exposure, the individual flashes of lighting accumulate over the period of exposure!

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