Photo Tip “Image Sequences 1“

One interesting aspect of photography is serial images, burst images or image sequences. It was used early on to e.g. capture motion/study motion. In the days of analog photography, this was often associated with substantial costs whereas digital photography is very well suited and easy to use for this purpose. Rapid image sequences (not required in all subject situations) and a high capacity memory card are not only used in professional photography. Burst mode and serial images were already emphasised in Burst mode. In the following photo tip you can forego using burst mode.

Cuba 2008 – From the series "27 minutes"

Potential approach to image sequences of the same image section

  • Find an interesting background where something is bound to happen. You could also use an interesting foreground and incorporate changes in the background of the image.
  • Place the camera on a tripod and use the remote shutter release
  • Use manual focus and Aperture Priority Auto Exposure with the respective diaphragm in order to achieve the desired sharpness/depth of field.
  • Under the circumstances activating a mirror lock-up can be advantageous (allows for long focal lengths, stabilises…)
  • Consider the possibility of motion blurring. Should you wish to control it, you will have to adjust exposure time depending on lighting conditions and the subject’s speed of motion. This can be achieved by adjusting the f-number and ISO settings in Aperture Priority Auto Exposure mode.
  • While capturing the image, you don’t need to look through the viewfinder or at the display screen. If you know which image section you intend to capture you can focus on the subject and the adjustments.

Below you can see the entire gallery “Cuba – 27 minutes”

thKuba_01754.jpg thKuba_01755.jpg thKuba_01756.jpg thKuba_01757.jpg thKuba_01758.jpg thKuba_01759.jpg thKuba_01760.jpg thKuba_01761.jpg thKuba_01762.jpg thKuba_01763.jpg thKuba_01764.jpg thKuba_01765.jpg thKuba_01766.jpg thKuba_01767.jpg thKuba_01768.jpg thKuba_01769.jpg
Example images Cuba 2008 – From the series "Cuba – 27 minutes"

The following image is an example of what an image build-up with a static foreground could look like.

Example image Cuba 2008 –
Example image Cuba 2008 – "Vintage car and …"
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