Photo Tip “Interaction 1”

Image preview used differently – interact

Use the camera’s display screen and show your photos! Don’t take this the wrong way, this does not mean you need to show your colleagues all of your holiday memories on an almost full 16 GB storage card on a 2.5 zoll display. It is merely talking about using the camera as a means of interacting with the person being photographed.

Example images Egypt 2007 – From the series "Streets and markets"

Egypt 2007 – It was one of my first trips with a digital camera. It was a new experience for me. More than just the options provided in terms of technical and creative image control, also in terms of what the possibilities the image preview provided. My aim was to capture images of people on the streets and at the market. In the old tradition of street photography, I strolled through the streets and tried to draw as little attention to my camera as possible, in order to capture the most authentic and uncontrived images possible.
However, tradesmen and passers-by noticed the camera time and time again and emphasised that they would like to be photographed. The results differ fundamentally from the images that were captured unnoticed. The images exhibit a certain amount of familiarity and the people often posed in ways that reminded me more of snapshots of friends. After the images had been captured, the images were looked at on the camera’s display screen and clusters of people gathered round and were amused by the images. More people wanted to be photographed and the entire street was entertained. I enjoyed meeting these lovely people.
Even if these images are no replacement for uncontrived images, they still provide an interesting extension of classical travel photographs. But most of all, it gives photographers the opportunity to meet people and to come out of the observer role.

Send copies to the people you photographed if you promised to do so. Or, even better, take them with you on the next trip. You will receive a warm reception.

High Quality - Example images Egypt 2007 – From the series "Streets and markets"
Example images Egypt 2007 – From the series "Streets and markets"
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