Photo Tip “Short Inspirational List for better Images”

To conclude the photo tips, here is a short inspirational list. It contains further tips for better images. The list is still in the process of being extended and is constantly being updated. You can print the list and use it as an inspirational list while taking photographs. 

  • Only take one shot of each respective image subject!!
    • Change your…
      • Perspective
        • Kneel down, place the camera on the ground, climb up somewhere – (bird’s eye view, worm’s eye view)
      • Image section
      • Focal length (wide angle, telephoto, normal)
      • Depth of field
      • Exposure
      • With flash/without flash
      • Pay attention to images of details (e.g. only the hands of the person being portrayed)
  • Provoke emotional reactions when capturing portrait images!!!
    • Make the person laugh; surprise the person
    • Capture more than one image – a small change in facial expression can be the deciding factor of whether the shot is successful or not
  • Pay attention to changes and anything out of the ordinary!!!
    • Interesting subjects appear before and after a great political shift (Fall of the Berlin wall)
    • Architectural changes or changes in landscape should be monitored (e.g. the building or pulling down of interesting buildings)
    • Make use of unusual places, unusual times, bad or unusual weather conditions
  • If possible, try not to expose the main subject completely!!!
    • Make use of light incidence through openings (windows, doors…)
    • Play with light and shadow
  • Change the format!!!
    • Play around with different formats
    • If you have already captured an image in portrait format, then take an image using landscape format
    • Use portrait format for images you would typically capture in landscape format, e.g., the sea and open landscape, and the other way round as well
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