Thoughts on Photography

On the following pages, you will find thoughts on photography. What makes us want to capture images? What is the essence of photography? What is a good photo? And so forth. Photography offers a broad field for philosophic considerations.

A Subjective View of the Change in Photography

Some images should be allowed to prosper.
A subjective view of the change in photography.

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Cuba … Photographer Blues 1

Photographer blues – Entries in travel diary of a photographer in 3 parts

… the country has become a part of the scenery itself. My photos have become reduced to my technical knowledge and implementing image build-up rules. It seems as if my passion for photography is slowly disappearing. Many things appear the same as in other places to me and I feel as if I have already captured the same things before. The images’ messages repeat themselves. Only the country changes. One way to get out of this rut would be to avoid controlling the images and instead, dedicate myself to capturing images that document and tell a story…

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Cuba … Photographer Blues 2

… I find it difficult not to take a camera with me on a trip. It is like an addiction, a dependency. Just the thought of discovering an amazing image subject without having a camera on me makes me nervous. But I find waiting for a subject to captivate me, without actively looking for one, very hard. The searching gaze remains as long as the camera is at hand. Perhaps I should attempt an experiment and leave the camera at home. However, I would also have to ask my travelling companions to do the same…

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Cuba … Photographer Blues 3

… using the wide angle, I can change the shape. With the telephoto, I can isolate the shape from the background. I do not care for the telephoto lens. If I could choose, I’m not sure if would use a telephoto lens. It is very predictable. The effect is visible, can be planned in advance and is not as erratic as the wide angle. I prefer the planned image build-up. The wide angle requires more photographic control. Maybe Cuba is too turbulent for a wide angle. Too many shapes and lines. This may be the reason way I favour cars and shadows. These image subjects give the images clean lines …

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